Our History

The ICPA head office is situated in Silver Spring, Maryland in the United States of America. Its global operation is managed through 13 regional blocs representing all the countries of the world. Each country is served by a National Committee for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency (NCPA).

Large countries and widely spread territories e.g. China and the Philippines would best be served by a number of national committees. Each national committee reports to the regional bloc which internal ports to the office in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Since 1952, the ICPA has been active at various times in over 120 countries. New chapters are currently being opened and some which have ceased to be functional are being reactivated. The organization functions in the spirit of the United Nations using volunteers and working across all faiths bases. The ICPA and its national chapters and blocs are dependent on donor funds for their operation.

The specific operation of each bloc and chapter is project driven. A need in a given area is identified by appropriate data collection investigation. A specific project is identified in collaboration with local agencies and experts.

Donor funds are then sought and then applied to the project/s. funding is more readily procured if matching funds can be raised in the territory being served.